Congratulations on your enrollment in one of the degree programs offered by our department.  We have compiled this list of frequently asked questions about common academic tasks you will encounter during your tenure as a graduate student at Auburn University. If you have a question that isn’t answered on this list, please contact your advisor or the department Graduate Program Officer (334) 844-3073.

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Enrolled students in any of the EFLT programs are expected to register themselves for the courses they wish to take.  Assistance with registration is provided only for those situations where the student has encountered a problem while registering.

I’m having trouble registering for courses. How do I get assistance?

  • First, make sure that you have removed any holds from your account that might prevent self-enrollment.  Check your bill in Banner to be sure that you do not have an outstanding balance.
  • If you are attempting to register and are receiving an error message, take a screen shot of the error message.
  • Send an email to Ms. Glenda Hill and request her assistance.  Be sure to include the screen shot of the error message that you received when you attempted to register.
  • If you’ve received an error message that indicates instructor or department permission is needed to register, be sure to request the instructor of record for the course confirm that you have permission to be enrolled in the course BEFORE you request assistance from Ms. Hill.

I need to register for more than 1 hr of dissertation, but am unable to do this on my own.  How do I make this happen?

  • First, register for 1 hr of dissertation.
  • Contact your advisor and request that he or she grant permission for you to be enrolled in more than 1 dissertation hour.
  • Forward a copy of the email granting your permission to Ms. Glenda Hill requesting assistance in getting registered for the additional dissertation hours.
  • Requests for more than 1 dissertation hour from students that are not accompanied by advisor permission cannot be honored.
Conference Travel Support

I’m presenting at a conference. How do I get funds to assist me with travel expenses?

In order for graduate students to obtain funding for conference/professional travel, they must request support from the Graduate School and the College before requesting assistance from the department.

  • College of Education travel support information
  • Department travel support information:
    • Must provide evidence of having applied for both College and Graduate School travel support
    • Must provide proof of an accepted paper or presentation at a professional conference
    • Up to $100 plus conference registration for each conference request

I’ve returned from presenting at a conference. How do I get reimbursed for my travel expenses?

  • While you are away, keep all of your receipts.
  • Food receipts must be itemized.  No alcohol will be reimbursed.
  • If you intend to be reimbursed for mileage, use MapQuest to plot your driving route. Save a copy of the route, including the mileage that is reported.
  • Keep a copy of the conference program, including the pages that indicate your presentation.
  • Contact Shannon Eades to make arrangements for her to assist you with the required paperwork for reimbursement purposes.

I have not been enrolled in classes for awhile. How do I go about registering for classes now that I’m ready to restart my studies?

The Graduate School expects graduate students to remain enrolled for courses for two out of every three semesters.  If you have not been enrolled in classes for two or more semesters, you must request readmission to your program.

If you have not been enrolled for classes for 9 or more semesters, the EFLT department requires that you formally reapply for admission to your program.

Program Coordinator Contacts

Administration of Elementary and Secondary Education (EdS, MEd, PhD) and
Administration of Supervision and Curriculum (MEd, PhD):
Alfred Parham, Ph.D., (334) 844-3001

Adult Education (Certificate, MEd/MS, EdS, and PhD):
Jonathan Taylor, Ph.D., (334) 844-3078

Adult Education and English Language Teaching (Certificate):
Jonathan Taylor, Ph.D., (334) 844-3078

Agricultural Leadership (MS),
Extension Educator (Certificate):
Robyn Westbrook, Administrator, Academic Programs (334) 844-3073

Educational Psychology (PhD):
Kamden Strunk, Ph.D., (334) 844-3084

Library Media (MEd, EdS):
Jung Won Hur, Ph.D., (334) 844-3019

Program Evaluation (Certificate):
David Shannon, Ph.D., (334) 844-3071

College & University Teaching (Certificate):
Karley Riffe, Ph.D., (334) 844-3068