Answers to the most commonly asked questions about the application process and requirements can be found below. If your question is not addressed on this list, please contact the program coordinator for your desired program or the graduate program officer for the department.

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Letters of Recommendation

How do I submit my letters of recommendation?
You should use the online form connected to the online application for Graduate School.  Each person you list will receive an electronic invitation to write a letter on your behalf.  Please inform your recommenders that they must complete the electronic form that is provided to them, and then they will have an option to either complete a narrative statement or to upload a letter of recommendation attached to the online form.

What format should my recommenders use if they are uploading a letter of recommendation to the online recommendation form?
Recommenders should use whatever letter format works best for them.  Acceptable file formats include .doc (Word) or .pdf (Adobe PDF).


What address should I use to submit my transcripts?
Graduate School Attn: Transcripts
106 Hargis Hall
Auburn, AL 36849-5122
You can also have your granting institution send electronic transcripts (if permitted by that institution).  Please use as the email address.

My transcripts haven’t shown up on my application with the Graduate School yet and the application deadline is approaching.  What should I do?
It can take a few weeks for official transcripts to be processed and appear on your online Graduate School application.  Please remember official transcripts are required by the Graduate School to process full admission.  International students must have official copies of transcripts posted to their online applications prior to any admissions decisions being made.  If you do not see your official transcripts posted to your application, contact the Graduate School – (334) 844-4700 or email to inquire about their status.  Please be prepared with any other names under which your transcripts might be filed.

Statement of Intent

What should I put in my Statement of Intent?
Your statement of intent can include:

  • Current goals for your professional career
  • Reason for selecting your major field of study
  • Type of position(s) you expect to seek when you complete the program of study covered by this application
  • Your philosophy of education
  • Professional issues of most concern or interest to you
  • Areas of research interests.

If you are applying to the Educational Psychology Doctoral Program you should address the following questions as you craft your letter of intent:

  • Why do you want to pursue a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Auburn University?
  • How do your goals and interests align with the field of Educational Psychology?
  • How do they align with our program at Auburn University?
  • A Ph.D. is a research-intensive degree program.  What are your research interests?
  • What questions/problems do you hope to pursue in research?
  • Looking at the combined Educational Psychology (EPSY), Educational Research, Methods, and Assessment (ERMA), and Foundations (FOUN) faculty, all of whom are potential advisors and chairs for Educational Psychology doctoral students, with which faculty member(s) would you most want to work?
  • How do your interests and goals align with the research and expertise of our program faculty?

If you are applying to the Administration of Higher Education Program you should address the following questions as you craft your letter of intent:

  • Clearly describe your reason for pursuing the program (i.e., How a Ph.D. in Higher Education/Master’s in Higher Education at Auburn University will help you to achieve your goals)
  • Describe your professional and/or research interests in Higher Education
  • Identify who you might work with in the program (e.g., program faculty) and why (Ph.D. applicants only)
  • Make it clear that the personal statement is specific to the Auburn University Program and Program Faculty

Statements of intent should be between 300-500 words — 1 page of single spaced text or 2 pages of double-spaced text.

How do I submit my Statement of Intent?
Send your statement of intent via the online application.

Test Scores

I took the GRE, but I’m not sure whether my scores are good enough.  What sort of scores would make my application more competitive?
Competitive GRE scores (old / new test scores) are:

  • Verbal: 400 / 146
  • Quantitative: 400 / 140
  • Writing Section: 3.5 or higher.

I took the Miller’s Analogy Test (MAT), but I’m not sure whether my scores are good enough.  What sort of scores would make my application more competitive? *Be sure to check your intended degree’s page to ensure that the MAT is accepted.
A competitive Miller’s Analogy Test score is 387.

My GRE and/or Miller’s Analogy Test scores don’t appear on my online application for Graduate School even though I took the test awhile ago.  What should I do?
It can take up to 6-8 weeks for these scores to be sent from the testing companies and then processed and attached to your online application.

Application Completion

How do I know whether my application packet is complete and has been received or not?
You can check the status of your required items by reviewing it in the online application tool.  For any item that is missing, feel free to send unofficial copies/screenshots to the department for review purposes.  Remember: official copies of transcripts and GRE scores MUST be attached to your online application before you can be fully admitted.

Auburn Employees

I’m an Auburn employee.  Is my application process the same as non-employees?
Yes, except for paying the application fee.  The Graduate School will waive the application fee for current Auburn employees.  When you complete your application, save it but do not submit credit card information for payment.  Once your application is complete and has been saved, email Justin Gilbert to request a waiver of the application fee because of your employee status. He will complete the processing of your application at that point.

When are employees eligible to take advantage of the tuition waiver?
Auburn employees are able to take advantage of the tuition waiver once they have been employed for 12 months at the university.  For additional information, consult the Auburn University Educational Improvement Policy.

When can employees register for classes in order to use my tuition waiver?
Auburn employees are entitled to up to 15 credit hours of tuition waiver (on campus rates) per semester.  Employees should reference their time ticket on AU Access for registration times and dates.

Provisional Admission

Can I be admitted provisionally?
Provisional status is granted only under extenuating circumstances, as deemed appropriate by the Graduate School, respective program coordinator, and department head.  Because of teacher-certification requirements set by the Alabama State Department of Education, the following programs are NOT able to offer provisional admission to applicants:  Administration of Elementary & Secondary Education, and Library Media.

I am an international student. Can I be admitted provisionally?
Unfortunately, United States Immigration policy prohibits international students from being offered provisional admission.

Class Registration

Once I’ve been admitted, how soon can I begin taking classes?
You are able to take classes during any semester after you’ve been admitted.  Admissions are granted for specific semesters, based on which one you indicated on your application.  If you need to defer your entrance into the University, please contact Mrs. Robyn Westbrook to request an admissions deferral.

Is there anything that I need to do before I can register for my first semester of classes after I’ve been admitted?
Once the department recommends you for admission, and the Graduate School sends you electronic communication of this decision,

  • All applicants must accept the offer of admission via email.  Directions for completing this process are provided to you by the Graduate School in your offer letter.
  • On-campus students must also submit to the Auburn University Medical Clinic a cleared medical form.  Directions for completing this form are located on the AU Medical Clinic Forms and Services page.  Click on the “Clearwave” logo to register and complete this form.
  • Distance students should contact their program coordinator to request a medical form waiver in order to register for classes.  This must be done each semester in order to be able to register for classes.