Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Mission


The Rehabilitation and Disability Studies program is an integral part of the Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling, and aligns its mission with the department, the College, and the University.  The Program is committed to providing excellence in undergraduate education, and promotes student academic growth in subjects and issues related to people with disabilities.  This program places emphasis on the seamless integration of theory and practice with the application of the rehabilitation process as it pertains to persons with disabilities.


The overall goal of the Program is to prepare undergraduates to work in the professional positions that assist individuals with disabilities in achieving maximum independence through expanding knowledge of the complexities of disability within the context of society.


There are three objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies:

  1. Students will obtain an understanding of disability in a historical context emphasizing the strategies, methods, and processes which create a comprehensive spectrum of knowledge in rehabilitation and disability studies.
  2. Students will explore the social, psychological and physical impact of disability within the context of society and its influences on social outcomes.
  3. Students will have a thorough understanding of the basic elements of rehabilitation and disability studies which include philosophy, values, and professional ethics.