Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Online Option

Our Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling online option is a master’s degree program designed to train students to work in the State/Federal, private, and not-for-profit rehabilitation agencies. This 60-hour program prepares rehabilitation counseling students for certification and licensure to ensure high-quality services to assist individuals with disabilities to work, live, and socialize in the community.

We require online students to be on campus one week each semester which generally occurs the first or second week of the semester. This week gives students time to interact with their instructors and fellow students and to take care of several things while on-campus that are hard to do at a distance. Following that on-campus week, students receive the remainder of their classes via the internet where they watch weekly lectures, have group meetings, and/or participate in various projects.

Students will need to use and be comfortable with different technologies (hardware and software) to complete the clinical requirements of the Master’s program.

After being accepted into the program, a separate competitive application can be submitted for consideration of limited RSA scholarship funding. Please submit your application materials as soon as possible.


Auburn Technology Survival Guide for Students

Canvas is the content management system for AU courses. Most instructors use Canvas for materials delivery and examinations.

Class Video: Most online courses have a video lecture component. Information about accessing your course materials is available from your instructor and/or is posted in Canvas. Archived video is created for each lecture and links are posted in Canvas.

Additional technologies may be used at the instructor’s discretion to facilitate interactivity and the delivery of content. For example, you may be required to have access to a webcam/microphone. You will probably need a reasonably new computer (PC or Mac) to which you have administrative access for installing software and plugins. Online students should be comfortable and flexible with general computer and software usage, and with online communication. It is highly recommended that online students use a fast, stable internet connection for class work. Your instructor and technical staff will provide specific information and support.

Our program works closely with Auburn’s Office of Accessibility. This office works with students with disabilities to eliminate barriers to education and to implement reasonable accommodations.


Auburn University policy requires that online exams be proctored. Online students are held to the same high academic integrity standards as on-campus students. All students are expected to abide by the Auburn Academic Honesty Code. The program manages proctor approvals and the examination process.