Elementary Education “STEM” Summer Camp Parent Handbook

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Welcome Letter

Dear STEM Camper and Family,

Hello and Welcome to the 2020 Elementary Education STEM Summer Camp!! We are excited you will be joining us for an engaging and adventurous summer camp experience! We are going to be having a great time as we learn about robotics, structures, Protecting our Earth, and force and motion during our STEM enriched summer camp.

Our skilled pre-service teachers along with University faculty and staff are looking forward to meeting the campers, and teaching them about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as they engage in hands-on learning activities and experiments. Campers will also be learning how to research as they build their knowledge in the various topics covered in the camp. Literacy and social science skills and strategies will be integrated into various lessons in order to address the holistic world we live in. We are pretty sure your child will also be making lasting friendships!

In this handbook, you will find information about the policies and procedures regarding the camp. Please be sure to read the handbook thoroughly. We are available to answer any questions you might have through email or the number listed below:

Martina McGhee
Camp Director
(334) 844-6791

We are looking forward to an exciting summer and we are thrilled to have you joining us! Please be sure to follow the excitement on our Facebook Page: “AU CTEE STEM Summer Camp”.


Martina McGhee, Camp Director
Megan Burton, Mathematics
Octavia Tripp, Science
Victoria Cardullo, Language and Literacy
Sara Demoiny, Social Studies
Jamie Harrison, Reading ESOL

What is STEM?

STEM is the interdisciplinary and applied approach of science, technology, engineering, and math within a curriculum-based framework which engages students in authentic, meaningful learning environments. Literacy, language arts, and social science skills and strategies will be integrated into this framework to address the holistic world in which we live. Students will have a blast as they conduct experiments, explore their creativity, and challenge their critical thinking skills.

Each week of camp is set up around a different theme so that our campers can engage in the full STEM Camp experience.


Students will explore the impact of robotics in our society. All students will use various coding and robotic elements. These include Ozobots, Dot and Dash, and Osmo. Students will create a moving object and explore elements of robotics (3rd grade), build robotic hands using hydraulics (4th grade), and build hydraulic machines and fly drones (5th grade).


Students will investigate how design influences the building of structures. Students will design and build houses (3rd grade), towers (4th grade), and bridges (5th grade). All students will develop a hypothesis and test their designs against common weather elements.

Protecting Our Earth

Fifth grade students will examine how to address the environmental issues surrounding our world. This includes exploring solar energy, recycling, and changes in our climate.

Force & Motion

Students will explore how force and motion show up in our everyday lives. They will use their knowledge of Newton’s Laws to build cars (3rd grade), amusement park rides (4th grade), and rockets (5th grade).

Theme Schedule

Week One
Grade 3: Structures
Grade 4: Force & Motion
Grade 5: Robotics

Week Two
Grade 3: Force & Motion
Grade 4: Robotics
Grade 5: Protecting Our Earth

Week Three
Grade 3: Robotics
Grade 4: Structures
Grade 5: Force & Motion

Camp Information

Times and Dates

June 8 through June 26, 2020
8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Monday through Friday


Haley Center Classrooms on Auburn University’s Campus with possible field trips to other buildings and spaces on Auburn’s campus within walking distance from the Haley Center.

Tuition and Registration

There are several options for the camp. We understand that 3 weeks during the summer can be a long commitment. Therefore, you may register for 1, 2, or 3 weeks. A $10.00 registration fee is due at the time of registration.

  • $125 for ONE WEEK
  • $325 for THREE WEEKS

Payment and Registration 

To Register for Camp…go to our STEM CAMP WEBSITE and click on the link that states “Register for STEM Camp”; follow the steps from the link to complete registration. The full payment (tuition and registration fee) will be due at the time of reservation.

Please Note: You must complete all of the information requested when completing registration. Failure to completed all steps may result in your camper not being able to attend camp.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds will be given unless there are extenuating circumstances, and this will be at the discretion of the summer camp director and faculty.
  • No refund will be made for absences, dismissals, or withdrawals before the end of the session.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to complete your registration. We will not sell or redistribute your personal information to anyone.

Camp Staff

The camp staff is comprised of Auburn University College of Education Elementary Education preservice teachers. All are in training to become elementary school teachers and have experience working in the Lee County, Opelika, and/or Auburn City school systems. Each of our future teachers are passionate about working with children and are excited to make camp a great experience for your child!

The College of Education preservice teachers are supervised and assisted by faculty from the College of Education. Faculty will be present each day at camp. The camp director, Martina McGhee, manages medical and individual issues. She is the point of contact for parents regarding questions, concerns, and feedback about the camp.

Auburn University is committed to ensuring that a safe and supportive environment exists for all staff, students, and visitors to the campus and strives to conduct its operations and maintain its facilities in a manner consistent with its mission as a land grant institution with a tradition of service and access. For this reason, each member of our staff is required to complete Auburn University’s Minors on Campus training. Our students and faculty have also undergone background checks.

Camp Schedule

8:00 a.m. Drop Off
8:00 a.m. – 8:25 a.m. Academic Games
8:25 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. STEM Project Based Learning
10:30 a.m.- 10:45 a.m. Bathroom Break and Snack
10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. STEM Project Based Learning
11:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Closure & Cleanup
11:50 a.m. – 12 noon Pick up

Drop Off / Pick Up

Campers will be dropped off and picked up in the front of the Haley Center. Cars may enter from Magnolia onto the Concourse until they reach the Haley Center building. After the camper has entered or exited the vehicle, cars will proceed forward, then turn left and exit campus onto S. College.

You may drop your child off between 7:55 and 8:05. We are unable to accommodate early arrivals. If you are dropping off after 8:05, you will need to find parking (please adhere to campus parking regulations) and walk your child to Haley Center 2414 and make sure a camp teacher or faculty member is aware of your child’s arrival. Camp teachers and faculty members will be wearing STEM Camp t-shirts to make them easily identifiable. For safety reasons we ask that no child walks anywhere alone on campus. Pick up will be between 11:50 and 12:05. You will need to have your visor tag displayed in order to pick up your child. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child, they will need to have the visor tag and their ID in order to do so. Your child should also have a signed note from you, letting us know who will be picking up your child. Please contact the camp director, Martina McGhee, if there is anyone who is legally not allowed to pick up your child.

In order to be admitted to the camp, all registration forms and documents must be submitted prior to the first day of camp. Per Auburn University policies and regulations, we cannot admit any child to the camp if there are any incomplete or missing documents. Please be sure to complete all information when registering.

Late Pick-Up Penalty

Camp ends promptly at 12:00 p.m. each day. Carpool in the afternoons will be at the Haley Center from 11:55 – 12:05 PM. For children not picked up at this time, the following late policy will be in effect:

  • At 12:15 parents will be charged $10 and will need to pick the student up in HC 2414.
  • $10 is charged each additional 15 minutes.
  • If a student is not picked up within an hour of camp ending, they may no longer attend camp and a refund will not be provided.
  • In addition, if a student’s guardian is late for pick up 3 times, the student may no longer attend camp and a refund will not be provided.


If your child is not going to attend camp for the day, please report his/her absence by calling the camp director, Martina McGhee, at (334) 844-6791.


Your child should eat breakfast before arriving. Please send your child with a healthy, peanut and tree nut-free snack. Students will have access to water via the water fountains located throughout Haley Center, but you are also welcome to send your child with a sturdy water bottle. Please do not send sports drinks, soda, tea, or anything other than water. Your child will need to eat lunch at home as we do not provide lunch during camp.


*A notification will be sent out prior to camp acknowledging any food items that need to be avoided due to the food allergies of other students.

Please be sure to note any food intolerances/allergies (gluten-free, lactose intolerant, nuts, etc.) on the Health Release Form you will turn in before the start of camp. We will use this information to send out any notices about what fellow campers need to avoid bringing for snack to ensure the safety of your camper.

Medications and Emergencies

In the event that your camper will need to take medication during their time at camp, please be advised that they will not be allowed to carry their medications with them. All medications will need to be given to the camp director, with specific instructions on when and how the medication should be given. These medications will be kept in a secure location and will not be handled by anyone under 19 years of age. You will be required to complete a medication form clearly stating how the medication is to be administered. All medication will need to be dropped off and picked up by an adult.


The majority of the day will be spent in Haley Center. However, field trips may be taken out to the Green Space or to another building on campus. We encourage students to dress in clothing that will be comfortable whether they are inside or outside. This includes shoes, such as tennis shoes, that can be easily and safely worn when running. Please remember to dress your child appropriately for the summer conditions.

Field Trips

Any field trips that occur will be on campus and in walking distance from Haley Center. Your student may take a field trip outside or to another building on campus. The camp director will be able to locate all campers at all times.

Behavior Expectations

We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of our students. To ensure the safety and comfort of all students we ask that all students abide by our behavior guidelines and expectations. This includes respectful treatment towards other campers, staff, volunteers, and property. Providing a safe camp atmosphere is our primary concern. Camper behavior that does not meet our behavior expectations will be managed by staff in an age-appropriate manner. Serious and/or ongoing violations of our behavior expectations may result in a student leaving early – for the day, the week, or permanent removal from the summer camp program (without reimbursement). These behaviors could include:

  • Hitting, kicking, spitting, biting, throwing objects, or any other kind of physical violence towards other campers, staff, volunteers, or property
  • Use of foul, offensive, or disrespectful language or gestures towards other campers, staff, or volunteers
  • Trying to run or exit the building without supervision or permission
  • Destructive or disrespectful use of campus property (littering or damaging equipment)
  • Excessively disruptive behavior or failure to listen to rules and directions.

All campers will be informed of the rules and expectations on the first day of camp and will be expected to act accordingly.


Campers may bring a cell phone to camp at their own risk. Phones and personal electronics are not part of our camp program and must remain off and stored during camp hours except with the permission of a staff member. There is no Wifi for campers on their personal devices. If you need to contact your camper feel free to call us at (334) 521-2316. However, iPads will be used regularly throughout the program for coding, research, and other camp related programs.