B.S. in Fitness, Conditioning, and Performance

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B.S. in Fitness, Conditioning, and Performance

Our program will help you understand the basic scientific foundations supporting fitness, health, and coaching practices. You will learn to apply the tools and technologies in the assessment of health, fitness, and coaching, as well as youth development, physiology, principles of coaching, and more.

With this applied sport science background, you can be a professional in the health, fitness, and sport industry, including personal training, coaching, strength and conditioning, or director of fitness. Contact us for more information.


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Program Requirements

Special Opportunities

Internship: The capstone experience for the program is a full semester internship which provides you with on-the-job experience, as well as employment opportunities. Approved internship sites in Alabama and other southeastern states are available in hospitals, corporate facilities, commercial fitness centers, and rehabilitation clinics. Other sites may be approved on an individual basis depending on your interest.