B.S. in Elementary Education

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Our program will prepare you to teach children in grades K-6.  You will learn the best methods to teach all subject areas effectively and how to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners. We explore the use of technology, teaching in a culturally responsive way, selecting tasks and questions that promote learning, and how to reflect upon and improve your teaching practice daily.

With our rich field experiences and dedicated faculty, you’ll be ready to lead your classroom in positive and effective ways from day one, so contact us today!


Program Requirements

Special Opportunities

  • Working with Diverse Learners: You will have many opportunities to work with diverse learners in schools and communities.
  • Practica: You will have the opportunity to work in multiple educational settings before your clinical residency.
  • Clinical Residency: As a culminating experience, you will complete a clinical residency in a school setting that spans a full semester.