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Curriculum and Teaching

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Teacher Education Excellence

With approximately 1000 students, and 13 different disciplines in Curriculum and Teaching, we’re sure we have a program that’s right for you! We specialize in teacher preparation and teacher development at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Our programs prepare professionals to teach diverse students. We systematically analyze our teaching practices and our commitment to professional partners to meet our students’ needs. Our students develop their skills and knowledge in a variety of school and community sites.

Our faculty offer world-class distance learning programs and courses at the masters, education specialist, and doctoral levels in most disciplines.

Foundational Keystones

Learn more about our Mission, Vision, Philosophy, and Commitments.

Mission and Vision

Committed to preparing and developing teachers in a global society.


Reflective teacher practices are important for 21st century teaching.


Teaching requires commitments to diversity and technological advancements.

Programs and Opportunities

Through local, state, national, and international programs, we work regularly to support and improve education.