To teach in the 21st century, teachers must be competent, committed, and reflective in order to enhance learning among student populations characterized by diversity of individual learning needs, gender, ethnicity, culture, language, and socioeconomic status.  Our programs provide teacher candidates with opportunities to work with students from diverse backgrounds and exceptional needs in field-based placements such as after school programs, service learning projects, and multiple grade placements embedded throughout their programs of study.

We seek to enable teacher candidates and teachers to engage K-12 students in meaningful, minds-on learning activities, supported by technology for the purpose of enhancing student learning. Faculty demonstrate our commitment to technology through integrating it into course and field experiences. The College of Education maintains facilities important to the learning success of both candidates and faculty. The accessibility, continuous upgrades, and technical support provide faculty and candidates with opportunities to continually develop their skills and ability to effectively use technology to enhance professional practice.