Commitment to Diversity

We are committed to supporting and enhancing diversity among its students, staff, faculty, classroom experiences, research, and outreach activities as it occurs across all levels, including: ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, sexual orientation, social class, ability and age. We believe the quality of teaching and human services is enriched by differences in perspectives shaped by diversity.

One of the important goals of achieving diversity in the College of Education at Auburn University and in our society is to provide support and empathy for all groups that have historically been discriminated against, excluded or marginalized in our schools, our institutions and in our society.

The College of Education is committed to fostering student and faculty experiences, community relationships, curricula and governance accountability essential to creating an inclusive environment for all. The College of Education prepares teachers and human service providers to work with culturally diverse learners and clients and to foster a climate of respect and open dialogue among students and faculty of all ethnicities and orientations.