College of Education Strategic Plan

Goals and Subgoals

Goal 1: Promote high quality educational experiences for students

  • Provide innovative curriculum and learning experiences
  • Provide substantive research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Enhance community engagement
  • Achieve and maintain successful national accreditations and academic program reviews

Goal 2: Recruit, support, and retain exceptional and engaged faculty and staff

  • Align starting faculty and staff salaries to regional benchmark
  • Optimize the capacity of faculty and staff to achieve the college’s goals and fulfill its mission through targeted professional learning and support
  • Foster a culture and climate in which faculty and staff are valued and successful

Goal 3: Elevate the visibility and impact of research

  • Strengthen the research culture to foster faculty engagement (note: across the career)
  • Advance intellectual merit and broaden impact on practice and policy
  • Formalize an infrastructure that strengthens support for research

Goal 4: Promote diversity and inclusive excellence

  • Recruit, support, and retain faculty, staff, and students from diverse backgrounds
  • Enhance diversity and inclusion through impactful leadership, professional service, and engagement
  • Promote and foster a culture that exemplifies inclusive excellence
  • Develop and enhance curriculum and training focused on diversity and inclusion for the college and broader community

Goal 5: Grow and effectively steward resources

  • Employ marketing and communication strategies that promote brand awareness, elevate the reputation of the college, and create financial partnerships
  • Expand and diversify revenue generating activities and initiatives
  • Improve operational models to optimize use of resources
  • Create best-in-class development (or: advancement) practices to achieve funding for priorities
  • Incorporate principles of sustainability where practicable and cost effective