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The College of Education has a managed computer network that supports many types of technology equipment to help faculty and staff meet their needs.



An information technology specialist provides computer support services to the college including: equipment support recommendations; systems and software installations; troubleshooting hardware and software problems; installing and maintaining computer classrooms and College of Education Technology Enhanced Classrooms in the Haley Center, Kinesiology Building, and Memorial Coliseum.


An information technology specialist provides technical and service-related support on a broad range of web application development technologies and user/client services related to Web applications.


The E-Learning Classroom is located within the LRC and is used by the College of Education’s departments to provide on-campus courses to off-campus students. Utilizing RealMedia Technology, classes can be streamed over the internet to distance students who wish to watch class live, or they can view archived classes stored on a server at their convenience.

The E-Learning Classroom provides a variety of equipment that assists with a course. Using a touch-screen, sources can be chosen and displayed using the rooms two projectors. Sources include a desktop computer, a laptop, a document camera and a VCR/DVD combo player. Taking advantage of technology behind the scenes, presenters can be chroma keyed in front of sources such as a weatherman would do on TV. We have a variety of wireless microphones for presenters as well as tabletop microphones for students to use if questions or discussions occur.

By using state-of-the-art equipment and keeping up with technology trends we hope to better serve the distance students by providing the best “virtual classroom” possible.

For more information, please contact:

Brian Phillip
Information Technology Specialist VI
3410-C Haley Center
334.844.4297 – office
334.750.3949 – cell