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Auburn Center for Evaluation

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We provide external evaluations and applied research for both large- and small-scale projects. Such services include evaluation planning, grant-writing, needs assessment, and instrument development.

Our expertise in evaluation and applied research has led us to work with dozens of outstanding clients, including the National Science Foundation and many other federal, state, and educational agencies.

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Daniel Henry, Ph.D., Director


Evaluation Approach

The Center uses the Holistic Model in its evaluations in order to:

  • Provide information to program staff and stakeholders to make programmatic decisions and improvements on an ongoing basis; and
  • Provide information to these same stakeholders on how well the program is working.

The “holistic” approach views several inter-related but distinct components of a program. It uses quantitative and qualitative data in order to evaluate for whom the program works (or doesn’t work); to what extent the program works (or doesn’t work); and under what conditions the program is most and least effective. In other words, the approach allows decision-makers to determine what elements of the program are meeting the goals of the grants, and which are not.


We are fortunate to have not only staff members with expertise in large-scale evaluations and grant-writing, but also the infrastructure of a great university. We employ some of the most talented graduate students in the country, and have over 20 Ph.D-level researchers in our network. This allows us to quickly have staff in place for current and future projects and to offer a rich campus environment in which to work.

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