Physical Activity and Health

Part of the School of Kinesiology

The Physical Activity and Health program provides you with knowledge, skills, and experience to be an allied health professional. We will prepare you to work in commercial, corporate fitness, and cardiac rehabilitation settings.

In the undergraduate program, you’ll learn about optimal health and gain skills to assess health and fitness. You will also understand behavioral strategies that encourage people to be active. You can help improve the health and fitness of many individuals.

At the end of your coursework you will complete a semester-long internship. You can also complete a minor with approved electives. The program is open to any undergraduate student on campus. There are no minimum requirements for admission.




The Physical Activity and Health program faculty conduct a variety of research in each of their laboratories. They study anything from what makes you motivated to exercise, to the affects of whey protein on the body, to what part of the brain is activated when you perform a task. Many of the faculty have an “open door” policy where you can be involved and get hands-on experience.

Research Initiatives
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The Physical Activity and Healthy faculty engage in outreach efforts to improve the lives of people in the community. You can assist in those efforts and help change lives. Some of our initiatives include Faculty and Staff Fitness Program, Yoga classes, Tiger Fit Health and Fitness Assessments, Youth Speed, Agility, and Conditioning Camp, and High School Preseason Camp.

Outreach Initiatives