Exercise Science

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In exercise science, you will study the science behind physical and psychological impacts of exercise. Our active classroom experiences give you the foundation and experience to pursue careers in allied health. Most exercise science majors attend professional schools in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or medicine. You can also continue graduate studies in kinesiology in a doctoral program.




Groundbreaking findings are just another day in our labs. We’re mapping out how humans move. We’re discovering how our minds respond to physical stress. We’re even testing and engineering better clothes for firefighters and athletes. Here in the exercise science program you will have the chance to propose and conduct your own research.


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We’re learning more every day about how our bodies work, and why. But it’s not just about what we know. We believe in helping teach others to improve their lives. For example, our Warrior Research Center works with soldier athletes at Ft. Benning, Georgia to produce stronger, faster US forces.

Sefton’s Warrior Research Center Expanding at Fort Benning

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