Shared Vision

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The mission of the College of Education is to build a better future for individuals, our state, our nation, and our world. We fulfill our mission by preparing competent, committed, and reflective professionals as we engage in outstanding teaching, cutting- edge research, and meaningful outreach.

We believe that education is the keystone of opportunity and equity in a richly diverse, increasingly technological, and ever-changing world. It is the critical building block that enables individuals and societies to flourish in a global community.

Our mission challenges us to prepare competent teachers, administrators, counselors, and other intervening professionals who create meaningful learning opportunities for children, youth, and adults including those from diverse backgrounds and those with exceptional needs; committed professionals who make reasoned decisions grounded in thoughtfully-constructed values related to professional ethics, collaboration, diversity, and intellectual vitality; and reflective professionals who review and analyze their own practices as they participate in the ongoing learning and continuous improvement required of their professions.

Our mission compels us to continue seeking new and innovative ways for improving the learning experiences of the people we serve as well as the ways we prepare educational and human services professionals. Through outstanding teaching, we aim to prepare service-oriented professionals who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to foster the physical, social, emotional, moral, and cognitive development of diverse individuals. Through cutting-edge research, we seek to advance the ever-evolving knowledge base that informs our professional practices. Through meaningful outreach, we aspire to serve individuals and groups beyond the University walls.

We acknowledge that we are at our best when our efforts create a seamless integration of teaching, research, and outreach and when our work represents collaborations with educational, government, business, and civic partners. Consistent with Auburn University’s land-grant traditions, we assign our highest priority to working with the citizens of Alabama. However, we also work toward improving the learning opportunities and the futures of citizens in the Southeast region, the nation, and the global community.


Our vision is one of transformation: We strive to be and prepare agents of change. We seek to establish and work collaboratively within socially-responsive learning communities that value the mosaic of a diverse society. Our vision includes engaging in the continuous learning necessitated by a rapidly-advancing world, identifying and addressing critical issues related to the education of all people, and using technology to broaden and support learning opportunities. It is a vision of change that embraces the inclusive, collaborative, and technological aspects of our mission. It is a vision that will establish us as a college representing educational advocacy and innovation in the 21st century.