Title II Reports

Title II of the Higher Education Act requires schools of education to submit annual reports on the quality of teacher preparation in initial teacher certification programs. Reporting is for traditional programs (i.e., undergraduate) and alternative programs (i.e., alternative masters). The reporting period is September 1 – August 31. These reports include information on:

  • State certification and license requirements for completers of traditional and alternative teacher preparation programs
  • Statewide pass rates on state assessments of completers of teacher preparation programs
  • Information on teacher standards and their alignment with student standards
  • Criteria for identifying low-performing schools of education
  • Number of students enrolled in teacher preparation programs by gender, race, and ethnicity
  • Total number of teachers completing teacher preparation programs and receiving initial credentials
  • Number of teachers prepared by credential area, academic major, and subject area

States in turn are required to report to the U.S. Department of Education information on certification and licensure requirements, pass rates on state assessments disaggregated and ranked by institution, and other information. The state reports are accessible through the Web at https://title2.ed.gov/View.asp.

2011 – 12 Traditional Alternative
2010 – 11 Traditional Alternative
2009 – 10 Traditional Alternative
2008 – 09 Traditional Alternative