2020-2025 School of Kinesiology Strategic Plan

Performing Basic and Applied Research

Auburn University’s School of Kinesiology is nationally recognized for its cutting-edge research, commitment to inclusive excellence, and academic programs. With academic programs in exercise science, physical education teacher education, physical activity and health, and fitness, conditioning, and performance, the school boasts alumni who are trailblazers in their chosen fields, ranging from physical therapists to teachers, scientists to consultants, and coaches to trainers. Building upon our past success, the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan sets a clear vision for our future. The strategic priorities in this plan will help us reach our goal of being a global leader in the advancement of the discipline of kinesiology.


Auburn University’s School of Kinesiology strives to be a global leader in the advancement of the discipline of kinesiology.


The School of Kinesiology’s mission is to discover, implement, and disseminate knowledge about physical activity, movement, exercise, health, and performance by engaging with our community and creating an invigorating learning environment for our students. Our goal is to prepare professionals that will improve the well-being of our diverse and inclusive society through impactful and meaningful research, service, teaching, and outreach endeavors.

Foundational Themes

• Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice
• Movement, Health, and Performance
• Partnerships and Collaborations
• Research, Instruction, and Engagement
• Student-focused

Strategic Priorities

• Demonstrate Inclusive Excellence
• Demonstrate Operational Efficiency, Stewardship, and Sustainability
• Engage and Serve School of Kinesiology’s Constituents
• Enhance School of Kinesiology’s Profile
• Increase Research and Scholarship Impact
• Provide Superior Student Experience
• Recruit, Retain, and Advance Quality Faculty, Staff, and Students

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal #1: Promote high quality educational experiences for students.

Strategic Goal #2: Recruit, support, and retain exceptional and engaged faculty and staff.

Strategic Goal #3: Elevate the visibility and impact of research.

Strategic Goal #4: Promote diversity and inclusive excellence.

Strategic Goal #5: Grow and effectively steward resources (See College of Education’s and Auburn University’s Strategic Plan)

School of Kinesiology Strategic Plan
Summer 2020