1915 Society Members

1915 Society Logo
Named for the year in which the College of Education was established, the 1915 Society recognizes donors whose lifetime contributions, pledges, and planned giving arrangements to the college are valued at $25,000 or greater.  Members of the 1915 Society provide support to the college’s faculty, students, and programs.

Pillar of Honor ($1,000,000 or more)
The Humana Foundation (in honor of Wayne T. Smith)
John P. Manry and Hedy White Manry ’71
R. Wayne McElrath ’52
Thomas P. Powell ’72 and Marsha C. Powell ’74
Wayne T. Smith ’68 and Cheryl G. Smith ’68
Paul J. Spina, Jr. ’63 and Bena Spina

Pillar of Dedication ($500,000-$999,999)
AT&T Foundation
Jo Anne Hamrick Coggins ’75 and Terry J. Coggins ’76
The Comer Foundation
East Alabama Medical Center
Charles I. Fraley ’27* and Mildred C. Fraley ’27*

Pillar of Commitment ($100,000-$499,999)
Anonymous (3)
AB Dick Company
The Alabama Power Foundation
American Chemical Society
Frank Barbaree ’48* and Warrene Barbaree*
The Charles Barkley Foundation
Martin L. Beck, Jr. ’49*
Ralph Carroll Boles ’37* and Willie Mae Boles*
Kevin Byrne and Laurie Byrne ’99
The Caring Foundation
Nancy C. Chancey ’62
Jack J. Cornett ’52
Estate of Arthur F. Coss and Ruth J. Coss
The Jessie Ball duPont Foundation
East Alabama Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Outreach
Betty T. Freeman ’55
William R. Hanlein ’47
Beryl McCann Hathcock*
Alma Holladay ’41*
David E. Housel ’69 and Susan McIntosh Housel ’73
James W. Hutcheson ’66 and Carol E. Hutcheson ’69
Sam L. Hutchison*
The Caroline Lawson Ivey Memorial Foundation
Grover T. Jacobs ’76 and Nan S. Jacobs
The Jessie Ball DuPont Foundation
Kate Kiefer ’72
Kevin T. King ’92
Gerald S. Leischuck ’64 and Emily R. Leischuck ’64*
James W. Lester* and Elaine B. Lester*
James G. Lovell ’62* and Sharon R. Lovell ’64
The Malone Family Foundation
James A. Manley ’60 and Harriett Manley
Imogene M. Mixson ’63
John L. Moulton ’49* and Betty F. Moulton ’50*
James L. Murrell ’58
Joan V. Newman ’78 and Michael J. Newman ’75
Bill W. Newton ’74 and Sarah B. Newton ’74
William W. Norris ’80 and Gail Norris
The Orthopaedic Clinic
Daniel M. Pate ’66 and Marcia H. Pate
Sue Atchison Pearson ’49
Howard E. Pettis and Sandra W. Pettis ’66
John R. Prewitt ’87 and Kymberly H. Prewitt ’86
Joseph J. Russell ’67 and Elizabeth H. Russell ’64
A. Danny Sanspree ’74 and Mary Jean Sanspree ’74
Richard T. Scott, Jr.
Albert J. Smith, Jr. ’47 and Julia C. Smith ’99*
Jerry F. Smith ’64 and Nancy C. Smith
St. Vincent’s Health System
Andrew J. Steele ’75 and Susan M. Steele ’74
Eunice Teague*
Sylvia Ann Teague
Angelo Tomasso, Jr. ’49* and Joy Tomasso ’51
Lila Lansing White
Betty Lou Whitford
Earle C. Williams ’51* and June A. Williams ’53

Pillar of Friendship ($25,000-$99,999)
Anonymous (4)
W. Mizell Alexander and Julia S. Alexander ’67
Tim Alford ’68 and Freddie Alford ’73
James E. Baker, Jr. ’88
Ralph W. Banks ’73 and Barbara Y. Banks ’69*
Duriel T. Barlow ’03
W. Lee Barnett ’93 and Beth T. Barnett ’93
The Kevin Bell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bionutritional Research Group
The Boeing Company
M. Diane Boss ’72
H. Gray Broughton ’05 and Gail Broughton
Steven C. Buckner ’78
Lt. Col. Samuel M. Burney, Jr.
Thomas D. Burson ’58 and Frances W. Burson ’58
Veronica S. Chesnut ’70 and Pat Chesnut ’70
David H. Clark ’96 and Leigh Anne Clark
The Coca-Cola Foundation
Betty Turney Corbin ’67
Laura Haley Creel ’06
Lillian Belle Cross ’65
Robert D. Culbertson ’54 and Peggy B. Culbertson ’55
Neal H. Culpepper ’80 and Ann H. Culpepper
L. Nick Davis ’84
Don L. DeMent ’63
Wesley W. Diehl ’79 and Cindy W. Diehl ’80
Suzette L. Doepke ’73 and Greg Doepke
R. Glenn Dortch
J. David Dresher ’77 and Deborah A. Dresher ’76
Michael H. Dugan ’97 and Jennifer P. Dugan ’97
Edmund C. Dyas, IV ’61*
EB Sport Group
David S. Elder ’77 and Judy K. Elder ’77
A. Arnold Fagen ’50 and Emaleen S. Fagen ’50
Susan M. Farrell
Ann M. Ferretti ’75
C. Warren Fleming ’43*
Paul R. Flowers, Jr. ’66 and Barbara M. Flowers ’68
Nancy Y. Fortner ’71
Byron P. Franklin, Sr. ’91 and Meriam L. Franklin
David G. Fussell ’74 and Barbara H. Fussell ’74
Ronald O. Gaiser and Judi B. Gaiser ’60
Joyce L. Garrett ’64
Aubrey S. Garrison ’93 and Alicia P. Garrison ’94
T. Gordy Germany ’48* and Gloria Germany
John W. Gilbert ’62* and Anne Gilbert
J. Floyd Hall ’48*
William F. Ham, Jr. ’77
William F. Ham III ’06
Roy W. Harrell ’54* and Julie S. Harrell ’58
Virginia Hayes
Hilmar Ingredients
Floreine H. Hudson ’57*
Kay E. Ivey ’67
Lee F. Jenkins and Angela S. Jenkins ’94
R. Kenneth Johns ’57 and Barbara J. Johns ’55
David S. Johnson ’75 and Penelope D. Johnson ’74
Roger W. Johnson ’84 and M. Jane Major ’74
Kay Hathaway Jones ’62
Carver G. Kennedy ’52 and Martha M. Kennedy ’54
William R. Kochan and Frances K. Kochan
Donald B. Lambert ’51 and Betty V. Lambert ’56
William D. Langley ’63 and Sharon S. Langley*
Terry C. Ley and Helen M. Ley
Ashley Harris Love ’93
Mary L. Lucas ’42*
Ella B. MacFiggen ’69
Carolyn G. Mathews ’83
Patrick M. McCarty ’82 and Cynthia S. McCarty ’82
Emily A. Melvin*
Cynthia A. Moline
Mark B. Moody ’98 and Jodie L. Moody ’92
Jane B. Moore
Kathryn Flurry Morgan ’34*
The MST Foundation
Byron B. Nelson, Jr. ’57 and Carolyn Nelson
C. Ben Nevins ’77 and Barbara B. Nevins ’78
Sarah E. Newell*
Sandra Bridges Newkirk*
Douglas L. Nielsen ’77
Harold D. Patterson, Sr. ’54* and Shirley B. Patterson*
James R. Payne ’62 and Angela K. Payne ’66
Elizabeth A. Ponder ’83
PowerTech America, Inc.
G. Robert Prater ’70
Christie P. Pratt
Richard A. Price ’83 and Barbara M. Price ’83
John F. Pritchett ’65*
Charles M. Reeves, Jr. ’49* and Frances Skinner Reeves ’71
Rehab Works of East Alabama Medical Center
Edgar L. Reynolds ’70 and Peggy Reynolds
J. Robert Reynolds ’70 and Shirley K. Reynolds ’70
Harry G.  Rice ’77 and Gail G. Rice
Kenneth W. Ringer ’59 and Joyce Reynolds Ringer ’59
Ronnie Rollins
Glen Rose and Joan Rose ’65
Kenneth B. Roy, Jr. ’50
Dewayne T. Scott ’95
Kathleen P. Sedlack ’77
Ingrid Shavers-Lewis ’15
Deborah L. Shaw ’84
Stanley A. Sheppard, Sr. ’61 and Marcia L. Sheppard ’60
Joe Siren ’67
James B. Spearman ’83
William A. Spencer and Samia I. Spencer
Barry N. Straus and Denise H. Straus
Rosanne Tidwell ’75
James W. Trott, Jr. ’68 and Susan N. Trott ’68
H. Earl Turner*
Berta Jean Turney
John W. Turrentine ’69
Jane H. Turrentine ’68, ’69
USPA Polo Development
Stephen M. Ward ’68 and Marcia H. Ward
Andrew M. Weaver and Jacqueline G. Weaver ’78
Jeanette S. Wenklar Trust
Marilyn L. Whitley ’61
Harry R. Wilkinson ’64
J. Knox Williams and Jean Pierce Williams ’57
Robert J. Williams ’69 and Yvonne R. Williams
Barbara Jo Williamson ’93
G. Dennis Wilson and Dianne Wilson*
Mark T. Wilton ’93 and Cynthia L. Wilton ’04
James E. Witte and Maria Martinez Witte
You Might Be for Auburn Foundation